Versatile quick-change system for handling weights up to 50 kg

The pneumatically actuated robot quick-change system SCHUNK SWS-046 allows fast and process-reliable change of different gripping systems and tools at the front end. With its four optional module attachment surfaces, it offers a wealth of options for supplying the connected pneumatic, hydraulic or electric effector.

Smart clamping devices and gripping systems for the metal cutting industry

The smart iTENDO from SCHUNK enables real-time process monitoring and control directly on the tool. The geometry and performance data of the toolholders remain unchanged no matter if it is equipped with a sensor system or not.

Flexible single clamping module for individual palletizing

The single-acting clamping module SCHUNK VERO-S NSE3 138-V4 increases the flexibility in clamping pallets with just one clamping pin: While the pallet alignment on conventional single clamping modules, which are equipped with an anti-twist protection is precisely defined, pallets on the VERO-S NSE3 138-V4 can be rotated in 90° increments.

Artificial intelligence paves the way for autonomous gripping

A robot hand carefully grips a randomly assembled formation of colorful toy blocks and then puts it down. Identify, grip, put down. Over and over again. What at first glance appears to be a childlike game is actually extremely sophisticated: Tomorrow’s robots and handling systems will be able to identify and examine objects on their own and ultimately handle them autonomously. At Hannover Messe, gripping system and clamping technology specialist SCHUNK will be demonstrating the possibilities and opportunities that intelligent gripping system solutions offer smart factories as well as how digitalization and artificial intelligence enhance handling processes.

Robot-guided palletizing systems enable versatile production around the clock

Robot-guided palletizing systems are an efficient way of increasing the flexibility of machine tools. They help minimizing machine downtime during the production of individual pieces and small series…