Elesa+Ganter has long been market leader also in the use of reinforced technopolymer (SUPER-Technopolymer) for robust industrial applications and specialised environments, among the other metal materials.

SUPER-Technopolymers represent the most recent and advanced development in engineering of polymeric materials. Thanks to the presence of high percentages of glass fibre linked to the base polymer with suitable primers and / or the presence of aramid synthetic fibre, SUPER-Technopolymers are characterized by mechanical and thermal properties far superior to the traditional polymers.

Hinges in engineering plastics are designed for protective enclosures, cabinets and frames where strength, lightness, cost and corrosion resistance are key factors in provisions of doors or access panels.

New hinges in glass-fibre reinforced polyamide are the CFM-TR for enclosures and panels, together with the CFM-TR-G with ingenious spacing arrangements to accommodate glass doors or light panels. The number of holes of the CFM-TR hinges, allow it to make the structure more stable, ensuring a major mechanical resistance.

CFM-TR-G hinges are characterised by a single pass-through hole on the panel side, which allows installation by minimising drilling and the risk of creeping the glass. The step washer, used to separate the stainless steel flat washer from the glass, is produced from FDA compliant raw material for application in food industries as well. On the back of the hinge, a matching part is used to separate the screw from the glass.

Product technical data sheets, along with drawings and tables with codes and dimensions are available on our website elesa-ganter.com.


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